About Injazak Cables, Lda.

INJAZAK, a Portuguese company specialized in Injection and Over-injection of Parts in ZAMAK, in the Manufacture of Mechanical Control Cables, and in the production of Injected Cables.

The relevant experience of our technicians allows us to develop any product, at highly competitive prices, with maximum guaranteed quality, and, of course, always complying with delivery times.

Our slogan…


Our mission…

“To be recognized by customers as a partner, with a global set of solutions that enable them to respond effectively to their needs and specifications.”

Our Vision…

“To be a reference company in the area of injection in ZAMAK, recognized by customers, collaborators and suppliers, for the high quality standards of its products.”


Quality Policy

The primary objective of our organization is the satisfaction of our customers and potential customers through the permanent improvement of product quality as well as sustained growth.

In order to achieve and maintain this objective consistently and durably, INJAZAK has decided to establish a Quality Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and proceeds on a permanent basis to maintain it, in order to comply with the requirements and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

The guiding principles of this Quality Management System are:

  • Obtain customer satisfaction with a view to their loyalty, ensuring the quality of products, according to the specifications set.
  • To promote quality, giving priority to approved suppliers with the best response capacity.
  • Involvement and motivation of all employees of the company, through the expression of ideas and suggestions in the search for constant opportunities to improve the execution of the work.
  • Provide the company’s employees with the necessary training, so that in the development of their activities they do it with competence.
  • The achievement of quality is the responsibility of everyone, and each of the actors in the organization is responsible for compliance with the specifications, procedures and work instructions that apply.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure the operation of the QMS in order to meet the quality objectives defined ina perspective of continuos improvement

It is the Administration’s belief that its success depends on the effective implementation of this Policy, and publicly commits itself to society in general, to make available all necessary resources to its employees, in order to jointly make it possible to achieve these objectives.